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Real-ESRGAN is an advanced ESRGAN-based super-resolution tool trained on synthetic data to enhance image details and reduce noise. Features standout face correction and customizable magnification ratios. Ideal for improving compressed social media images.

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Enhance and upscale your images to unparalleled clarity with Real-ESRGAN.


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It provides a seamless interface, designed for effortless image enhancement using the state-of-the-art Real-ESRGAN super-resolution model.

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Experience remarkable transformations, bringing your photos to life with vivid details and unparalleled sharpness, all in a matter of seconds—simply upload your image and let the magic unfold.

Powered by Advanced GPU Technology

Achieve lightning-fast image processing and get awe-inspiring results in real-time, making it perfect for those instant touch-ups and edits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real-ESRGAN?

Real-ESRGAN is a state-of-the-art AI model designed to upscale and restore images with unprecedented accuracy.

How do I use Real-ESRGAN on my images?

Simply upload your image to our playground, and let our AI do the magic!

ESRGAN vs Real-ESRGAN: What's the difference?

ESRGAN and Real-ESRGAN are both super-resolution models, but Real-ESRGAN is more advanced, trained on more diverse data, and offers better image enhancement capabilities.

Who owns the rights to the generated images?

The rights to the images you upload and process using our tool remain with you. We do not claim any rights to the generated outputs.

Is there a limit to the image size I can enhance?

Yes, there might be size constraints due to processing capabilities.

How does Real-ESRGAN handle data privacy?

We prioritize user data privacy. Images uploaded are processed and not stored on our servers beyond the required duration for processing.

How does Real-ESRGAN compare to other super-resolution tools?

Real-ESRGAN is state-of-the-art and offers superior enhancement capabilities when compared to many other available tools.

Is there an offline version of the tool?

Currently, Real-ESRGAN is available as an online tool, but we are exploring options for offline versions.

Are there costs associated with using Real-ESRGAN?

The basic features of Real-ESRGAN are available for free.